Another Scam - Another Arrest

There are a million different kinds of scams, but this one illustrates a common theme.  We arrested 26-year-old Jonathan M. Meng yesterday for the sale of a Harley Davidson that doesn’t exist.

The Ohio victim contacted us after he tried to purchase a motorcycle for $8,866 on eBay earlier in the month.  The Idaho Falls seller initially instructed him to wire the money to a bank account held by an eBay agent. But was later instructed to cancel the wire transfer and instead wire it to a new account held by Meng as the other eBay agent had been in an accident.

The buyer said he was skeptical at first, but through an “eBay Live Chat” was assured by the seller that it was legitimate and once the money was received the motorcycle would be shipped to him. He was also assured the money would be held in the account until the buyer received and inspected the motorcycle.

Bottom line is the motorcycle never came and the buyer learned that the site was fraudulent.