Idaho Considers Texting Law - Again

They are making another run at it.  The Idaho senate is considering a texting bill and a cell phone bill.  The cell phone bill might be a bit of an over-reach, but it is hard to argue against a ban on texting while driving.

As a cop, I find nanny laws that protect us from our own stupidity offensive.  But I draw the line when someone’s reckless behavior endangers others, especially when there is a strong and direct correlation such as drunk driving or texting while driving.  We shouldn’t have to wait until a texter creams a six-year-old in a school zone any more than we should have to wait to get shot in the head by a convenience-store-robbing-meth-head before returning fire.
On the other hand, enforcing a texting law isn’t a simple matter and we already have an inattentive driving law on the books.  I wrote about that last summer

The dilemma is enforcement.  The texting bill might feel intuitively like a good idea, but how are we to know if a person is dialing, talking, answering, or texting.  The proposed cell phone law would cover all that, but does it go too far?

If a texting law is going to be dealt with, it should be done on a state level.  If you'd like to weigh in, here's the contact information for the Idaho Legislators.

By the way, if you must text and drive, please follow this important safety tip: Place your knees firmly against the steering wheel while grasping the phone with both hands freeing the thumbs to...  Rachael, it’s a joke.  Don’t even think about it or you’ll be grounded for a year.