Our Loss, Our Gain

One of our most dedicated Citizen’s Watch Patrol volunteers has retired into a new job.  The good news is that the new job is with us.  Harvey “Ed” Gord has joined us as a front desk officer.  Normally, we use retired cops to fill this role, but Harvey pretty much knows the ins and outs of the department.

Harvey retired from Atlas Mechanical in May 1999 as the Plumbing Foreman and joined the Citizen’s Watch Patrol in 2002.  Within months after completing training he was appointed to the CWP Advisory Board and then as CWP Commander.

Harvey was instrumental in building training program and abandoned vehicle program for CWP.  He is the recipient of the Idaho Falls Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association “Outstanding Achievement” Award in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and is the unique position of being the only non-cop to receive a Commander’s Commendation from the IFPD.  He’s also recovered 4 stolen vehicles in Idaho Falls.

Harvey was diagnosed with lung cancer and had 2 operations in April 2006. Three days out of the hospital he was asking for something to do. He couldn’t wait to get back to work with us.

There will be a large hole in the Citizen’s Watch Patrol but we’re happy he’s chosen to take the position.  As Joelyn describes it, “Harvey is truly the backbone to the CWP and his contributions to the program…. To say that he will be missed is an understatement because there will never be another man to likely show the same dedication and commitment.”