A Close Friend Retires

One of my closest colleagues retired Friday.  Ken Brown put in 28 years working everything including undercover narcotics, patrol, detectives, traffic, and most recently Captain of Detectives.  Through his career he investigated several high-profile, violent crimes in Idaho Falls.
Ken and I worked together in many areas over the years.  He’s a natural athlete.  When we were on SWAT together, part of the annual qualification was a timed two-mile run.  I had to work out regularly to pass it.  Ken would just show up after a tennis game and lap me by the second mile.  Did I mention he still has a full head of hair?  Nope, no jealously here.
Ken is a faithful father and husband.  I recall a work trip to Vegas we made with some colleagues.  You can guess at the after-hours events that were available.  Without any coaxing on my part, Ken chose the higher path.  I remember him commenting on wishing his wife was there.  Cool, huh?
Ken is a graduate of the FBI Nation Academy and has earned several commendations and recognitions for his actions, including “Supervisor of the Year” in 2005. He moved up through the ranks being promoted to sergeant in 1999, lieutenant in 2001 and captain in 2007.
I took him mountain climbing once, which is kind of funny when you realize he’s afraid of heights.  I remember him clawing his way to a cliff’s edge determined to face his fears – all the time screaming like a little girl.  I love that courage!
Ken is an incredible leader and knows how to make things happen.  He has an uncanny ability to size up a problem and quickly find the solution.  He is known for his compassion for victims.
Ken and I have worked together, played together, and shed tears together.  I’m going to miss him.