Simply the Best of 2012

By Joelyn Hansen

I guess since the Apocalypse didn't happen, you get to read this post highlighting the Idaho Falls Police Department's good news of 2012. Aside from the many arrests and crime fighting, we've done this past year, I thought it would be good for us to remember some of those events that perhaps we've forgotten about. We've given out honors, welcomed new folks to the department and said goodbye to old friends this year.

So, here's the list!

Department Honors:
Commander's Commendations: Sgt. Jeremy Galbreaith, Officer Dax Siddoway, Officer Brandon Storer, Dispatcher Andi Anderson and Dispatcher Treena Strong.
Chief's Commendations: Officer Malin Reynolds and Officer Bart Whiting
Purple Heart: Officer Malin Reynolds
Life-Saving Award: Officer Aaron Murdock, Officer Spencer Steel and Officer Rome Stiffler
Medal of Valor: Capt. Royce Clements, Officer Joel Tisdale and Officer Paul Murray

Outside agencies also recognized our officers and volunteers:

Idaho Medal of Honor given to Officer Malin Reynolds.
Idaho Falls Magazine recognized Officer John Cowley with the "I.F. 50 Ordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives through Service to Others".
"Mae Tomblison Distinguished Service" Award given to the Idaho Falls Citizen's Watch Patrol.

Lt. Royce Clements promoted to Captain in June.
Sgt. Steve Hunt promoted to Lieutenant in July.
Officer Bill Squires promoted to Sergeant in July.

Capt. Ken Brown retired in May after 28 years of service.
Chief Steve Roos announced retirement in October after 31 years of service.

New Hires:
Lori Posey hired as new training coordinator in April.
Officers Eric Rose and Brandon Prince sworn in by Mayor Jared Furhiman in November.

Loss of Old Friend:
Officer Ken Knoelk died of cancer in August. He retired from the department after 30 years in 2011.

Weird or funniest news:
A pound of cocaine was found in the engine of an 82-year-old woman's car. The discovery was made while the car was being serviced and had likely been hidden there 11 years ago prior to the woman purchasing the car from a rental company.