Emergency Response Uninterrupted

The IFPD command post served as the nerve center for dispatch operations after the building was temporarily evacuated.

Inside the command post computers were set up to assist with operations.

Dispatch operations returned to "somewhat" normal Tuesday afternoon.
For less than 24 hours our dispatchers managed emergency response calls from the inside the IFPD command post trailer located in the dispatch center parking lot.

Why? Due to a hazmat issue that arose around 7 p.m. Monday all employees and operations had to be evacuated from the building.  Operations resumed as normal around 3 p.m. on Tuesday after employees were cleared to come back into the building.

It’s likely no one noticed any sort of disruption at the dispatch center during this time. That’s because teamwork and preparedness really paid off!

A lot of kudos really goes to the many dispatchers that stepped up to make sure operations went as smoothly as possible. This meant that some came in early, some stayed late and others came in on their day off. They are a remarkable group of people and during this occasion that trait really shined!

Jefferson County also really helped out as they assisted with 911 calls. Big thanks to them. We hope to be able to return the favor someday.

The IFPD command post, though an inanimate object, really played a critical role in helping with operations. The command post was purchased a few years ago and has a huge asset on several occasions to assist in police operations. Monday night it came in handy as it temporarily served as the nerve center for all emergency responders. The command post has prove to be a smart buy in assuring that the PD is able to provide the best service to our community at all times. 

Evacuations are never an easy thing. Nor is it something we hope happens too often. But, it’s good to know that in time of crisis – first responder operations will and can continue.