Way to Go!

Officer Bart Whiting receiving the Idaho American Legion Officer of the Year Award
Officer Mark Goodman

By Joelyn Hansen

This post is a bit late -- OK a lot late! But, it's too important to not blog about a few accomplishments of couple of our officers in recent months.

I need to start out by saying that we have really good police officers working at the PD. They work hard and do a lot for the community to ensure criminals are taken care of and that safety is a number one priority.

We probably could brag all the time about the things they do! But, I specifically wanted to mention a couple of awards that were given to Officers Bart Whiting and Mark Goodman.

Back in June, Officers Mark Goodman and Bart Whiting received the Commander's Commendations for their initiative in apprehending two juveniles responsible for stealing a car and burglarizing 14 other vehicles.

Officer Goodman relied on his instincts that night when he encountered two boys driving around in a car. When he initiated his lights to stop them, they jumped out of the car and ran from police. They tried to hide out, but unfortunately, for these boys, our officers certainly outsmarted them!

Officer Whiting honored again in July as Officer of the Year by the Idaho American Legion. He was honored for his selfless action and bravery in responding to the Christmas Eve fire at the Bonneville Hotel as he rescued multiple people unable to exit the building.

You can read more about the rescue here.

Officer Whiting is the the second IFPD officer to receive this award in the last two years. We're hoping to make it a three peat next year for IFPD! Hopefully this doesn't put too much pressure on the officers!

We're certainly proud of both officers for their accomplishments!