For the Record

By Joelyn Hansen

A couple of weeks ago, the Post Register printed an article regarding a "YouTube" video that claimed the IFPD was racists. Last week, Chief McBride submitted an editorial to the paper regarding the article and the situation highlighted in the video.

If you missed the column in the paper, here it is again:
"I received several comments Thursday regarding the Post Register’s September 5 article, entitled “Chief: Race not a factor in Tasing.”  One neighbor on East 18th Street took the time to come to the police station and go through the courthouse security to personally speak to me about the weekly parties held at the Madrigal’s. The regular activities were described as loud music, yelling, shouting, arguing, and fighting until late hours in the night all summer long.  The neighbor never reported any of these parties because of fear of retaliation. Other people’s comments were concerned about police going into the house for a loud party with weapons (guns) drawn.  But, after explaining what really happened the response was; “it would be good to let the public know through the Post Register.”

Saturday night, August 31, at 10:49 p.m. Idaho Falls police responded to a noise complaint for a loud party.  A neighbor had gone to the house and asked the residence to quiet down.  With no regard for the neighbor’s request their next recourse was to call the police. 

Police went to the loud party and explained the need to quiet the party, and warned that a return visit by the police would result in citations for disturbing the peace. 

An argument ensued and the noise level increased.  When Victor Madrigal was told he was under arrest he retreated into the house. Officers followed behind but were met with a blockade of people trying to prevent the arrest.  Delosanto Madrigal pushed one of the officers back.  Delosanto also retreated into the house. 

Officers have the authority to make an arrest for a public offence committed in their presence, and to use the force necessary to affect the arrest.  Running into one’s house or into a crowd does not prevent the arrest; people and things usually get knocked around when the arrest is made.     

Officers pushed their way through the blockade not with weapons drawn but with electronic control devices known as Tasers (the brand name used by the IFPD), which were used to assist officers in overcoming the flight and resistance to arrest. 

During the flight and resistance to arrest people and things got knocked around.  To the credit of the officers, several stayed at the scene to see that everyone was okay, called an ambulance to check on the pregnant lady, took pictures of any damages, and explained what had occurred and what happens next. 

All this information is known thanks to the video posted on “YouTube.”

Idaho Falls Police Officers are not racist.  We are biased against Crime and Disorder.  We have a responsibility to the citizens of Idaho Falls to keep the community free from crime and disorder."