Shop with a Cop 2013

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When a child’s smile widens a little further and says, “Santa knew my name”, you know everything we do to make Shop with a Cop a lasting memory is worth it. It’s moments like this that remind you that it’s the “little things” that matter to a child.

For 20 years the Idaho Falls Police Department has proudly participated in the annual Shop with a Cop program to make a child’s Christmas a little brighter and to build positive relationships between children and law enforcement officers.

It’s not everyday that police officers get to participate in such a positive experience. Usually, they’re making the difficult decision on who and why someone is going to jail. But, on Shop with a Cop day, the only decision they make is helping a child decide which gift they’re going to purchase for the child’s mom and dad.

It’s always a good day and this year’s event was no different. We hope that this day — filled with the “little things” — will leave a lasting impression on each child.

It goes without saying that this event couldn’t be done by law enforcement alone. It all happens thanks to the generous support of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, Help Inc., Civitans, Eagles, Kmart, Texas Roadhouse, volunteers and the many citizens that donated money. Thanks again everyone (especially to anyone I may have forgotten to mention in this post)!



Shop with a Cop 2013