I recently reached my one year mark as Idaho Falls’ Chief of Police.  I continue to be deeply honored and yet humbled with this opportunity. As an agency we are working hard to keep up with current crime trends to remain efficient in our approach in solving crimes and making a safer community.   

I am surrounded by a great staff, particularly by the people in executive command positions that oversee each division of the department who ensure we are doing our best.  This comes from constant evaluation of policies, procedures, ordinances, and best practices that are put in place to meet our mission; The Idaho Falls Police Department strives to create an environment free from crime and disorder through efficient service and valuable community collaboration. We are also striving toward our 

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vision, A Community safe from crime and disorder.  Our primary values are integrity, professionalism, respect and trust.   

To fulfill our mission and vision we’ve completed many different tasks.

Staffing studies were completed to best determine the number of officers needed to most efficiently respond to the current needs of our community.  These studies included reviewing our supervisory staffing needs and preparing an annual budget that came in below the previous fiscal year while absorbing some increased expenses and implementing a more efficient accounting system of revenue at the animal shelter.

Dedicated staff created a new look on the department webpage and are working on a media plan to keep the public updated on the most recent events of the police department.  Alert ID was launched for the purpose of keeping the public informed of crimes in their neighborhoods which also provides crime prevention tips.

The basic underpinning of all police work is the public trust.  We continue to interact with the public through our citizen’s academy, community night out, neighborhood watch, volunteer services, and in many other ways.

Safety of this community is our number one priority.  The three most important tenets of creating a safer community are; prevention, education, and enforcement.  Officers work hard to find new ways to prevent crimes.  While education for the officers in latest crime trends is important; it is just as important to educate the public.  Enforcement of the law by the officers not only acts as a deterrent to crime but is also used to educate offenders of the dangers their actions are to the community.  DARE Pledge 001