Welcome Officers Hendry and Moore

Hendry & Moore swearing in 043 Sarah Hendry and Ashley Moore pin badges on their husbands, Chris Hendry and Coleman Moore, during their swearing in ceremony on Sept. 22.

By Joelyn Hansen

Our police department grew by two on Monday. Actually, I should rephrase that, we thankfully filled to two vacant positions with two awesome new officers.

We didn’t have to look very far to find Coleman Moore and Chris Hendry. They’ve been working as dispatchers. They tested with the police department for a patrol officer spot last summer. Unfortunately, at the time we didn’t have spots available for them. But, with all the retirements, we finally had some openings and they slid perfectly into those spots.

Hendry & Moore swearing in 109 Officers Coleman Moore and Chris Hendry

Let me tell you a little bit about Coleman and Chris….

Coleman, who graduated from Bonneville High School in 2003, has worked many years in law enforcement in some capacity. He worked as a juvenile detention officer at the 3B Detention Center and for the last two years as a dispatcher at the Idaho Falls Bonneville County Dispatch Center.

He’s also a member of the Idaho National Guard.

He is graduate from Brigham Young University-Idaho with his bachelor’s in emergency services administration. He and his wife, Ashley, of 10 years have three children and a baby due in November.

Chris, who is a native of Georgia, also started his work at IFPD as a dispatcher at the Idaho Falls Bonneville County Dispatch Center. He was hired in April 2013.

Hendry is a member of the Army Reserves. He graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2013 with his bachelor’s in business administration. He is currently working on his master’s in criminal justice at the University of Phoenix.

He and his wife, Sarah, of eight years have two children.

We think they’ll both be very successful in wearing the IFPD badge carrying on the tradition of professionalism, respect, trust and integrity.

Welcome Officers Hendry and Moore