Baird Elected Vice President of POST Academy Class #181

Exciting news out of the Idaho POST academy this week – Idaho Falls Police Officer Jon Baird was elected as the vice president of the class!

Way to go Jon!

That’s a great honor and his POST classmates selecting him as their VP really speaks to his great character! We’re positive he’ll represent his class and our department well.

Patrol Academy #181 is at their half-way mark, which means that they class has taken their written exam over their firearms classes. This exam holds a higher standard for a passing score than most written exams. Students also did their Physical Readiness Test.

In other news, last week the class finished up their EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) and firearms split. They also finished up classes on auto theft and water safety. This week they’ve been working on officer survival, patrol procedures and building searches.

The class is inching forward to completion with only a few weeks remaining before graduation!

Baird Elected Vice President of POST Academy Class #181