The IFPD Goes International

IFPD Officer Scott Ockerman poses for a picture with a delighted student from Tokai-Mura during her visit to the Idaho Falls Police Department on Friday.

CSI Technician Krissy Gittens uses a black-light to demonstrate how certain types of chemicals and materials can be used to find evidence at crime scenes.

IFPD Detective Rome Stiffler helps a student try on SWAT gear during their visit to the Idaho Falls Police Department.
The Idaho Falls Police Department has all kinds of visitors (some we enjoy more than others) but this morning, we welcomed extra special visitors  - students from our sister-city, Tokai-Mura Japan.

We, of course, pulled out all the stops to impress them as we showed them our crime lab, our patrol cars and lots of cool gear.  Thanks to CSI Krissy Gittins, Officer Scott Ockerman and Detective Rome Stiffler, we also showed them that we have some great people who work here.

Among us, we cover a variety of languages from around the world, but today we came up blank.  Lucky for us, we didn't need to be fluent in Japanese.