Robberies Solved

Excellent investigative work by Idaho Falls Police and the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office led to the arrest of three juveniles this morning and another just a few minutes ago in connection with the robberies at the Common Cents store on West Broadway and Los Albertos Restaurant on East 17th Street as well as the Gun Shop burglary on North Holmes.

The crime spree started when they decided to crash a stolen truck into the Gun Shop to get - you guessed it - guns.  They later used these guns for the two hold-ups.  The suspects charged inside wielding guns during the early morning hours of July 20 and 21.  In the photo above, you can see one of them cleaning out the cash register, while the other covers - more or less.

There were some really cool technologies deployed that helped crack the case.  I'd love to tell you about them and the incredible inter-agency cooperation across states, but we'll have to wait for the judicial process to run its course.  Detectives continue to investigate other suspects that have been identified.