Ken Knoelk Retires With Honor

Ken joined the Idaho Falls Police Department Jan 11, 1982, a week after I did.  Yeah, we’re old.
Ken's 30-years as a police officer certainly didn't leave him without stories to tell.  He was shot in the abdomen responding to a robbery in 1985.  He was one of the first officers that had the wisdom to wear a protective vest.  At that time, we had to buy our own.  It made a nicely colored bruise, but he was otherwise okay.
Ken has received many honors, including a Commander’s Commendation and Employee of the month twice.  Most recently, Ken has been a key organizer and promoter of the Citizen’s Academy.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ken on the street.  In fact, Ken was the first one to introduce me to pepper spray – an up close and personal introduction.  We were on a domestic getting ready to arrest a really big guy that didn’t care to go to jail.  Ken yelled, “OC” and I wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way.  He nailed both of us.  It turned out okay, but kids, don’t try this at home.
Ken has been a ray of sunshine in an otherwise shady environment.  When faced with adversity, some people grow and some people tank.  Ken is one of those that grew tremendously and his positive attitude is contagious.  Ken, I love you and wish you the best.