Visitors from Germany

Police Officers Tilo Fochtmann (far left) and Janine Beil (far right) from Frankfurt/Oder, Germany in the state of Brandenburg visited our police station on Friday during a stop over in Idaho Falls. Here they had their picture taken with IFPD Officers Jessica Marley and Sage Albright.

By Joelyn Hansen

The IFPD had a special surprise visit from Tilo Fochtmann and Janine Beil from Germany. Both serve as police officers in the state of Brandenburg. Tilo is a Tactical Unit Officer and Janine is a Police Trainer with their department.

We were pleased to be able to showcase our department and share some information about our officers. It's always fun to find out the differences and similarities between departments.

Both Tilo and Janine were amazed that Officer Marley was a member of the IFPD SWAT team because in Germany there are not any female officers on their SWAT team. They called her one "tough" woman!