Sometimes the Job Gets a Little Messy

By Joelyn Hansen

(Disclaimer -- This post doesn't really serve any real purpose. It just proves that when the Chief leaves me in charge of the blog this can happen. By the way, after reading this don't hesitate to tell him he needs to take back the blog!)

I get asked about my job a lot. Mostly about what it is I exactly do. Most of the time I handle the media, work with the volunteers, cover up graffiti, and ensure that the department is participating in community outreach.

Since I've worked here, I've added a number of skills to my resume, i.e. parade float building, blogger and even on an occasion I've been the "lunch wagon". This past week I added paint disposal to the list.

A couple of weeks ago a whole stash of paint was discovered. The good news is the most of it was still usable, the bad thing was that there was a lot of cans/buckets that were not which left me to getting rid of it. And of course, I to do that I need to dry it out because I don't need the hassle of the EPA!! So after purchasing 100 pounds of cat litter, a litter scoop and a big stick, I spent an afternoon this week mixing cat litter into the paint.

As evidenced by the picture above, it's pretty gross.

Good thing I don't have to do this every day!