Tough Enough

Pictured after completing the Tough Mudder on Oct. 13th in Utah are IFPD Officer Paul Murray and his wife, Heidi; IFPD Officer Bart Whiting (tallest one in the center) andIFPD IT Oliver Lewis (the guy on the right).

By Joelyn Hansen

Anyone interested in swimming through ice-cold water, belly crawling through 10,000 volts of electricity and then traversing through mud up to your chest?

Honestly, the idea of running, crawling or even dragging my body through mud while being shocked isn't exactly my idea of a good time. I probably would never have survived a Tough Mudder which is probably why I really thought these four (Heidi and Paul Murray, Bart Whiting and Oliver Lewis) were nuts.

When they started talking about it months ago, I imagined them coming home in body bags and asked them if they had good life insurance polices. I realize that this was obviously worse-case scenerio thinking on my part. But, seriously, who does this kind of stuff?!

These four did and I must admit I'm proud of them. I'm also proud that they were "tough" enough to share embarassing video footage and pictures of them completing the various obstacle courses. I wouldn't even do that especially when it could end up on this blog!

It's also good to mention that this event raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

I do have to ask: Is it cruel that I laughed each time they went face-first into the mud after being zapped? Nah, that's got to be expected!

Great job Heidi, Paul, Bart and Oliver!