American Spirit

Harvey "Ed" Gord stands center as his great-granddaughter reads a special tribute.

By Joelyn Hansen
When we hired Harvey Gord last year to work part-time at the police department it was a sad moment for the Citizen's Watch Patrol. He was the backbone and really stirred people to action, plus he did a lot of things for the program to keep it going.
The CWP has a lot of admiration and appreciation for this man, who by the way is 78 years old, for all that he contributed to not only the CWP but to them personally too. So, it was only fitting that we honor Harvey with one of the highest awards any volunteer can receive.
Last night, we presented Harvey with the President's Call to Service Award. An award issued through the White House to individuals that volunteer more than 4,000 hours in their lifetime.

To give you a breakdown, 4,000 hours is equal to:

·         166 24-hour days

·         500 8-hour work days

·         1.9 years of 8-hour work

·         Under the volunteer/wage calculations, the cost savings to city is $256,280

Harvey not only met the minimum 4,000 hour requirement, but he actually doubled it and donated more than 8,000 hours to the Citizen’s Watch Patrol. He truly is a great example of the American spirit.

It is with sincere gratitude that we present this President’s Call to Service Award pin and certificate to Harvey Gord. Thank you so much for your gift to the city.