Dog Attack

A message from Chief Mark McBride:

To start off, I’d like to say that in any occasion the last thing an officer wants to use is his gun. But, in those quick moments when that officer must protect themselves and others, lethal force is sometimes the only choice.

Officers are trained to always think ‘Safety First’. We want our officers to go home each night safe and unharmed. We also want our community to be safe and protected.

Yesterday, the IFPD chose to share the sad news of an officer killing an aggressive dog while attempting to serve an arrest warrant on Monday night.  As a department we want to be as transparent as possible with the community. We realize that sometimes that commitment comes with scrutiny as people don’t always understand the choices or decisions made by officers.

 Which is why we’ve decided to share the video of Monday’s incident. Hopefully, this will answer any lingering questions you may have about the incident.

As you watch the video, keep in mind that the officer that shot and the other officer also on scene said the dog was barking and growling as it aggressively charged toward the officer. Witnesses also confirmed the behavior of the dog.