Graduation is Next Week!

Officer Baird is down to 2 weeks at the academy before he returns back to the IFPD. Some days it doesn’t seem like he was gone all that long. Other days, we’ve been anxious to get him back ASAP!

But, he’s expected to graduate next Friday (Nov. 21)! I’m sure we’re just as excited as he is.

Here’s a little about what he’s be doing for the last few weeks. Last week they covered a multitude of topics, including financial crimes, crime prevention, juvenile procedures, ground control, weapons retention and interview and interrogation techniques.

This week they’ve been working on force-on-force scenarios, sexual assault investigations, crime scene investigations, evidence collection and crimes against children.

So, as you can see, there’s no slowing down at the academy as officers near completion.

We’ll continue to update you on work they’re doing at the academy. As well, we’ll blog later about graduation.

Graduation is Next Week!