The Final Week

This Friday, Officer Baird officially graduates from the academy. Which means he’ll be back on the streets of Idaho Falls shortly afterward. We’re excited to officially have him a part of our patrol team.

Just to give you a little look into what he’s been doing this final week, here’a a tidbit from Mark Merrill at the Idaho P.O.S.T. Academy.

“This week is the final week for this Academy. Monday and today are full days of scenarios. Our scenario graders had brought to our attention that some areas students were lacking included their abilities to do a  good and thorough building search and their ability to do good searches on people, especially when the search was cross gender. In order to address those issues last week’s scenarios and the scenarios for this week have been modified to incorporate those specific skill sets, giving students more hands-on practice time while having a grader present to coach and critique. This morning’s briefing provided some positive feedback and indicated that there have been improvements on the part of the students.

Our final PRT was canceled, as was our final Canyon run that was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Winter weather has hit hard here and between the single-digit temperatures and the icy surfaces the decision was made to cancel those events. Wednesday afternoon the class will have Community Policing. Thursday morning will be the final exam. We’ll do a graduation practice in the afternoon and then the optional Police Marriage class will be Thursday night.”

Capt. Royce Clements and Sgt. Steven Poulter are looking forward to attending the academy graduation on Friday!

The Final Week