City Council Considers Bees

The Idaho Falls City Council is considering an ordinance change allowing bees in the city and for some reason, this comes through the police public safety committee.  Not that I’m opposed to it.  I kept a couple hives several years ago.
Most people who fear bees lump them together with other stinging insects such as yellow jackets, hornets, and the editorial page of the Post Register – just kidding Corey.  But being stung by a honey bee is extremely rare unless you're inside the hive.  I’m told that the presence of honey bees even decreases the presence of other stinging insects.
In my view, the ordinance currently drafted takes care of two key issues by forcing the bees to reach altitude before doing a flyover of the neighbor’s yard and providing water so they don’t share drinks with the kids in the pool next door.
Rebecca and I worked our hives together (we do everything together).  I’ve been stung a few times, but only when wearing gloves rummaging through their hives.  On the other hand, Rebecca has never been stung even though she was elbow deep in honey combs covered with bees.  She claims it’s because she never wore gloves so she could feel them and thus be careful not to hurt them.  I think it’s because she whispered to them in soft soothing tones.  I know it works on me.