Officer Dustin Howell Joins the Ranks

Officer Dustin Howell is the newest addition to the Idaho Falls Police Department. As an Idaho Falls native he welcomes the opportunity to serve his hometown.
Officer Dustin Howell joins the Idaho Falls Police with an outstanding reputation as a tough but fair cop, a family-man, a constant professional and a patriot.

Good reasons to why the IFPD snatched him away from the Chubbuck Police Department. Sorry, Chubbuck, but we know a good man when we see one.

“I’m just glad to be here,” Dustin said. “It’s always nerve-racking meeting new people but it’s been awesome.”

Dustin is a man of accomplishment having earned the United States Air Force Expert Marksman award during his 9 years of service and Officer Of The Year during his two and a half year stint with the Chubbuck Police Department. He’s also been educated in tactical countermeasures, counterdrug training, drug interdiction and street survival.

Aside from his career he’s a busy husband and father of three, spending some of his time coaching a traveling baseball team and attending dance classes. According to his wife, Dustin has a “goofy side” sometimes doning the “MINGA mask” for the family "Scare Wars." She claims to have heard "little girl screams" escape his lips when he was on the receiving end. We'll have to test that.