Visitors from France

Chief Steve Roos exchanges police patches with retired French Officer Jean Francois Aguilar during their visit to Idaho Falls on Thursday. Mr. Aguilar's wife, Claudine, and son, Anthony, joined in on the exchange too.

Post by Joelyn Hansen

There's something to say about unexpected visitors – whether they’d be friendly or not so friendly– to the IFPD that can change an ordinary work day to something you'll talk about later with friends and family.

Today, our visitors happened to be friendly as we happily greeted French visitors Jean Francois and Claudine Aguilar and their son, Anthony, at the police station. While on vacation to the United States Jean Francois, a retired French Police Officer, stopped by to exchange department patches. What a delightful surprise!

Of course, do you think I could let this visit pass with just an ordinary patch exchange?  Absolutely not! Let’s not be ridiculous! I gladly pulled the chief away from his work and made him and the Aguilar family line up and have their picture taken!

I’m pretty sure this impromptu photo session and patch exchange will likely bring the IFPD some International fame. After all, you know the Aguilar family will be sharing their vacation photos and stories with people back home in France too. I'm sure their short visit to the IFPD will be at the top of that list for favorite vacation moments.