Changing Face of an Age-Old Profession

It’s funny how arrests made in drug busts and assaults quickly fade from news headlines, but stories of illegal prostitution are talked about for days.
This past weekend, our patrol officers made four arrests for the solicitation of prostitutes at a local motel.  It all started when officers came into contact with two Boise women during a traffic stop that were in town selling sex through an Internet ad.

Ultimately, we conducted a sting and arrested four men who contacted the women and came to their hotel room seeking their “services”.
This isn’t the first case of Internet prostitution and it likely won’t be the last. A couple of years ago, we arrested two women from Portland, Ore., who had placed an ad on Craigslist soliciting themselves to local residents. To their surprise, they happened to solicit an undercover police officer.

A few months ago, officers responded to a local motel after a man was tied up and robbed by a woman he had paid for sex.
These examples on Internet soliciting certainly demonstrate how “the world’s oldest profession” has changed with the modern times and the age of technology.