IFPD Mourns the Loss of Property Clerk Mickey Callow

Evidence and Property Clerk, Mickey Callow, passed away Saturday from cancer.
“Mickey was a hero and inspiration to many here at the police department,” Capt. Mark McBride said.  “She fought valiantly through the struggles of cancer.  I admired her for her courage and tenacity.”
Mickey hired on with the IFPD in November 2005. She is remembered for her dedication, professionalism and her incredible work ethic in performing her duties in the evidence and property room.
In September 2010, Mickey was presented with the Captains Commendation in recognition of her excellent efforts to bring the evidence room operations up to the standards of the International Association of Property and Evidence.
This honor came after a 2010 audit that said our evidence/property room was one of the five best property units (out of approximately 60 departments) ever audited in the past 12 ½ years.  Mickey was a vital part of the team that made this effort possible.
Mickey, who had a great love of family and friends, will be missed.