Robberies Solved With Citizen's Help

This is how it is supposed to work and demonstrates why it is vital that the community work together to solve crime problems.  A special thanks to the news media and Kris Johnson.
Last week, three robberies occurred at KJ Phillips 66 at 495 W 17th, Speedi Mart at 415 E Anderson, and the Chevron on Woodruff & North Yellowstone.  In all three robberies, a knife was used and the clerks were told to empty their tills.
We put out a photo of the suspect and the news media ran with it.  Kris Johnson of the Gun Shop recognized the photo posted on Channel 8’s website as he had an earlier encounter with the suspect.  As a side note, the IFPD and BCSO solved the Gun Shop burglary this past summer.  It’s nice for the Gun Shop to return the favor!
On an unhappy note, one of the men arrested is the son of a police officer who has been home sick with cancer.  The parents are heartbroken and feel for their son.  They are especially saddened that while he is an adult in size and age, epilepsy and mild retardation has given him the mind of a child.
The job of a police officer is never easy, particularly when it involves the arrest of a fellow officer’s son. But we are tasked with upholding the law with integrity and above all that’s what we do.