How We Promote

Shhh...  They're taking the test as I'm writing this.   
The IFPD is Civil Service, meaning there are rules administered by a committee appointed by the Mayor to oversee hiring, promotions, and discipline.

Today begins the testing process for sergeant and lieutenant administered under the direction of the Civil Service Commission.  At the end of that process, the commission gives me the top three names and I can choose from any of those three for promotion.  If another opening occurs, number 4 is pushed into the list.
The Commission is scoring the candidates based on the following:
1.      35% staff evaluations
2.      25% written test
3.      40% assessment
a.      Panel interview with community members and subject matter experts – cops
b.      Written assessment on policy, constitution, Idaho law, city ordinances etc.

Once I get the three names, I’ll do a department-wide 360 using Survey Monkey and gather information from outside sources such as judges, the prosecuting attorney, and other organizations we work with.  I’ll also examine their personnel file and work history.

The final decision will likely be announced next week.