The One-Armed Chief

By Joelyn Hansen
The chief won’t be shooting any guns anytime soon. From the photograph you can see that unless his target happened to be directly to his left his effectiveness with the gun is very limited.
Two weeks ago the chief had his shoulder scoped to repair a tear. I’m sure he’d like to say the injury came from rescuing a baby out of a burning building or something to that affect, but I’m thinking it’s from years of wear and tear from his 30-years as a police officer and his outdoor hobbies. Did I mention that he’s been an officer almost longer than I’ve been alive?!
For the next two months (maybe less depending upon how obedient the chief is to the doctor’s orders) the chief will be in the sling and have to get along with using his left arm and hand. He’s not quite ready to shoot a gun with his left, but he’s getting to be fairly proficient at typing with his left hand only.
Hopefully he’ll have a quick recovery!