Colorado Shooting

Are we prepared for a Colorado-style mass shooting?   
As a police department, we made a fundamental shift a decade or so ago on our tactical approach to mass shootings.  Prior to Columbine, mass shootings were practically unheard of so most police departments didn’t train for it, but instead just used the generic approach of setting up a perimeter and negotiating.  This may work in a hostage situation, but certainly not with a person bent on racking up a large body-count.
Every police officer on the department has received significant “Active Gunman” training.  While we oftentimes train using school buildings (after the kids go home), the concepts apply to a variety of situations.
But can the police respond in time? - Likely not before a lot of people have been shot.  If you’re lucky, there will be an off-duty cop in the crowd or a responsible citizen with a concealed weapons permit.
Running mental "scenarios" is common for off-duty officers wherever we go.

Rebecca and I arrive at a high school choir concert.  She knows I'm sizing up the room, the people, and calculating line of fire. Rebecca used to be a little disturbed at my paranoia. Now she just flashes a patient smile, "Got it figured out yet?" I nod, not entirely comfortable.