Evolution of a Parade Float

The original trailer
Bill and Dave hard at work creating the float trailer framework
The trailer after the frame was put on
Elizabeth Barnes helped with the Paper Mache to creat the large hats
The trailer partly decorated
The finished trailer
Officer Paul Murray's wife and children pose for pictures before the start of the parade.
By Joelyn Hansen

I'll be relishing the fact that it will be another few years before the IFPD is in charge of building the City of Idaho Falls 4th of July parade float. It's not that I don't get some satisfaction in letting my creative juices flow. But, building a float is a lot of work!

If you haven't done it before, I'm not sure I'd recommend it!

There were some key people that really helped make this float possible -- if anything they helped keep my sanity. I want to give a special thanks to the Ray and Sherri Barnes family. Who knew that there were such good people out their willing to give up time in their already busy schedules to help build a float. Did I also mention that they served as a transport service numerous times for a couple of VERY large hats?!

I also want to sent a special shout out to Sgt. Dave Frei and Sgt. Bill Squires for their willingness to build the float framework. They managed to take an old trailer and turn it into a workable float trailer. Thanks also goes to Ken Hunter from City Engineering that made the beautiful signs and the Parks and Recreation Department for lending the trailer!

And what float wouldn't be complete without riders. Heidi Murray (married to Officer Paul Murray) and the adorable Murray children really made the parade float a lot of fun!