Robbery in Idaho Falls

We’ve already had two robberies this month and eight this year.  Fortunately, this is unusual for Idaho Falls.  Typically, we get about 12-16 robberies a year – about 5 times lower than the national average for cities our size.

The national numbers for 2011 aren't yet available, but here’s a break-down so far:

Yeah, we had some pretty good luck on our solve rate last year, but we still have a good track record without it.

By the way, people sometimes say, “I’ve been robbed” when they really mean something else.  At the risk of over-simplifying a bit, a robbery is when violence or threat of violence is used such as sticking a gun in your face and demanding your wallet.  A theft is when they steal something when you’re not around and a burglary is when they take it from a building.