Accomplishment #2

We have dramatically improved relationships with other agencies, particularly the Sheriff’s Office.  One of my first acts as police chief was to tear down a locking door separating the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office.  There was a collective sigh of relieve as this symbolically signaled the end of a long-standing rift between agencies.  Sheriff Paul Wilde and I continued by eliminating reserved parking for us and our captains and other unnecessary “reserved for IFPD only” and “reserved for BSO only” parking.
Paul and I made a blood oath to cooperate no matter what, which led to collaboration on technology, a joint major crimes task force, crime intelligence, and a common records system allowing us to see each other’s cases, suspects, and other data sharing.  Not only do we get a lot more bang-for-the-buck in tax dollars, but we are more effective working as a team.

All this works because Paul and I set aside our egos for the common good.  Cops aren’t known for small egos so this isn’t something that comes naturally.  Just ask Rebecca.