Accomplishment #4


We’ve equipped the officers and implemented technology (Mobile Dispatching, E-Citations, Online Reporting, wireless mobile video download, etc.) to give them the tools they need to be more effective.  I’d much rather have one guy driving a backhoe than a hundred guys with shovels. 
I’ve also made some mistakes here.  When it comes to implementing new technology, I used too much of a ready-fire-aim approach.  The biggest single failure here was my willingness to trust the salesman and go for the newest technology rather than go with proven technology and let someone else test-drive the beta software.  I also realized a little late that we needed much more IT support which we solved by hiring Oliver.
The officers are now better equipped than they’ve ever been.

·        Every officer has a high quality AR-15 which really helps in firepower and safety – safer because target acquisition is much more precise and safer because outdoor firefights often involves distance outside pistol range.

·        External Vest: Police Officers, particularly those with patrol assignments, often suffer from back problems complicated by wearing a gun belt.  External vest takes the load from the waist and distributes it elsewhere.
·        The condition of the fleet is significantly better.  Five years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to retire 170,000 mile cars. Now, the car retirement is closer to 120,000 (Is that like dog years?).  This means less costly break-downs and more efficient use of tax dollars, not just in maintenance cost, but in downtime for officers.

·        Every officer has a cell phone, which is much more efficient both in time, gas, and service to the public.  The first time I proposed this to my captain some years ago; he scoffed at the idea saying it would be cheaper to give them a pocket full of quarters for a pay phone.  Uh, what’s a payphone?

·        We remodeled the PD on the cheap (under $35K) making a smoother work flow, especially in patrol.  We also doubled the workout area.

·        Our lab was nothing more than a closet with a few pieces of equipment.  We had well-trained staff, but they didn’t have the tools to do their jobs.  With the expanded lab and equipment, we are now a leader in the State on processing crime scene evidence.  The addition of real-time finger print analysis has identified multiple suspects.

·        We increased the capabilities of SWAT, including the ability to do explosive entries.  It may seem counterintuitive until you think about it, but a well-trained SWAT team reduces the likelihood of a violent outcome.  I can think of at least one case last year in which the SWAT team response likely saved the life of a man who otherwise would have forced a police shooting.
·      Chin warmers.  Okay, so allowing goatees doesn’t really qualify here…