Things That Make Us Smile

[You can see the hole, right?]
Okay, so a few days ago, a woman drove past two ‘Road Closed’ barricades near Northgate Mile and Whittier Street in Idaho Falls at 1:30 in the morning.  She proceeded through a construction zone, over piles of dirt where the entire road had been torn up and was texting on her cell phone when she drove her vehicle into a large hole in front of 450 Whittier Street.
She said when she went around the first barricade the road was "still okay" so she thought it would be the same past the second barricade.  We asked her how she didn`t notice that the road wasn`t there and that she was driving over piles of dirt.  She said someone had texted her and she was texting them back.  Then in her words, “I was texting and just fell in a hole."  

Sergeant Galbreaith conducted field sobriety tests and she checked out okay.  We issued her a citation for Inattentive/Careless Driving, 49-1401(3).  She had already called a tow company who pulled her vehicle from the hole and she drove away.