Weekend Escape

I took this photo from the top of Scotchman Peak overlooking Lake Pend Oreille.

It will be rare that I make a non-police related post, but you’ve got to see the video below (you can also see it on YouTube).  Friday, Rebecca and I climbed Scotchman Peak near Sandpoint.  We hit the trailhead early.  4 ½ miles and 4,000 vertical feet later, we arrived at the top and were amazed to see a mountain goat that was either friendly or just hungry.

The thought occurred to me that as Rebecca was presenting her back side to the mountain goat, she risked getting head-butted.  I saw this once on a farm.  I guess I could have warned her, but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the camera.  Fortunately, the mountain goat seemed more interested in food.