Welcome Shara

When we civilianized our property & evidence room position, we had no idea we’d get 214 applicants.  Shara comes to us with 6 ½ years of experience from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Records Division.  Since we work so closely with the Sheriff’s Office and are on the same computer system, this turned out to be a big advantage.
After working hours, Shara has managed to go camping just about every weekend this summer focusing on her 4-year-old daughter instead of the dirt and mosquitos.  She also enjoys golf and horseback riding.  Shara said she’s already felt very welcome and looks forward to working with Krissy, our Crime Scene Technician, on occasion.
Darlean Packer from the Sheriff’s Office describes her as a delight to work with, dependable, good natured, and very intelligent.  She said, “We’re happy for Shara, but we definitely feel the loss.”  Sheriff Paul Wilde and I worked together on the transition to minimize the disruption.
Shara is known as being totally organized and detail-oriented -- a perfect combination for the evidence room.