Welcome Krissy

When we civilianized our CSI position, we conducted a national search.  There were several solid candidates with finalist from Stockton Calif. and Scotland, but the best match for us turned out to be a local, Krissy Gittins.  Krissy did CSI work for Madison County and has an Associates degree in Criminal Justice.  She has four very blonde children and a father who is a retired assistant police chief from American Fork (that didn’t hurt).
Krissy said she’s always been fascinated with law enforcement.  She said, “The great thing about evidence is it can’t lie to you like a person can.”
She’s only been with us a short time, but we’ve kept her busy.  Krissy has already been a key player in solving a few cases including getting a cold hit from a fingerprint she lifted off a window sill.
Krissy describes herself as being a bit of a neat freak, but her husband, Nathan, describes her as an “absolutely amazing person that’s super smart.”  Sounds like Nathan is fairly smart for saying so.